Property Management for Owners

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Are you interested in having us Property Manage your Lake Tahoe home?

Let us turn your property into an Income Producing Cash Cow.

Contact us to discuss options in order for us to create positive cash flow for your Tahoe home.

Besides Property Management contracts we also specialize in a unique lease agreement which gives Owners a set monthly lease amount that gets Owners paid the same amount every month.

This has proven to be a very popular choice for some Owners who want a consistent income return monthly rather than the highs and lows that seasonal renting can produce. We establish a set lease rate based on an estimated rental return.

We have had many Owners leave other Prop Mgmt companies and have received significantly more money as we are able to dedicate a lot more time and attention to your individual property since we are a small company and don't manage a couple of hundred properties like most of the big Vacation rental companies do. By limiting our inventory of vacation rentals and maximizing our exposure we create the best possible return for your investment. We are a specific large home niche company that typically manages homes from 6-14 bedrooms so we are very selective and just don't take every property presented to us.

Contact us today and we will exceed your expectations. We have never had a client ever leave us but we have had plenty of clients leave other companies to join us.